1040: Jamal Liggin

May 27, 2019
1040: Jamal Liggin

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin talk with Jamal Liggin, trainer of top-tier pro athletes and entertainment celebrities.

  • How Marshawn Lynch ‘rubbed’ Adam the wrong way. (2:12)
  • Why Jamal knew he was a trainer before he even knew he was a coach. (5:17)
  • Where does his incredible drive and work ethic come from? (16:50)
  • How he applies what he sees to incorporate into his client’s workouts. (20:10)
  • Why it’s not about being the fastest guy anymore but maintaining the speed. (22:55)
  • What are the biggest misconceptions about training for athletic performance and explosiveness? (25:05)
  • The major differences in training between the college vs. professional athlete. (36:00)
  • The hierarchy of tools used to control the body and get FASTER. (37:37)
  • What are some of the most important exercises young athletes can do? More advanced athletes?  (44:15)
  • Impressive stories from the athlete’s he has trained and worked with. (45:53)
  • The importance of being AWARE of your body. (49:13)
  • The illusion that ALL professional athletes have the best trainer training them: How social media is diluting good trainers’ brand. (53:48)
  • The pros and cons of bilateral vs. unilateral movements. (1:00:22)
  • How did his partnership with Nike happen? (1:03:09)
  • How your work ethic plays a KEY role in your success. (1:06:27)
  • The importance of warming up/priming the body before a workout. (1:13:38)
  • Biggest pet peeve with his athletes? (1:15:46)
  • What are the current trends he is seeing? (1:16:54)
  • Why sometimes being a workhorse in the gym doesn’t apply on the field. (1:21:14)
  • The process to become a trainer in his gym. (1:25:25)
  • The differences between working with athletes vs. celebrities. (1:27:58)

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