1037: How Ultra-Processed Foods Are Making You Fat, Sick, & Weak

May 23, 2019
1037: How Ultra-Processed Foods Are Making You Fat, Sick, & Weak

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin discuss a recent study on ultra-processed foods that have confirmed what they have long-suggested on the show, that calories are not just calories and that food quality matters.

  • How the problem with most studies done on diet is they are done in an observational manner. (2:47)
  • Ultra-processed foods make us eat more, and it’s not about their nutritional makeup: study. (4:50)
  • What is the definition of ultra-processed food? (7:50)
  • The benefits of processed foods. (9:50)
  • Why the biggest single contributor to chronic health problems in modern societies is obesity. (23:07)
  • Becoming aware of the hedonistic properties of these highly palatable foods. (29:23)
  • The evolution of what we perceive as palatable. (37:23)
  • How we are living in ‘if it fits your macro world’. (45:43)
  • How do we manage around this in today’s world? Understanding your relationship with these foods. (49:22)
  • Why you must create barriers between yourself and these ultra-processed foods and eliminate barriers between yourself and healthy foods. (55:10)
  • The one thing to start TODAY to bring your body to its natural bodyweight. (1:02:21)

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