1035: Joe DeFranco

May 20, 2019
1035: Joe DeFranco

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin talk with world-renowned strength and conditioning Joe DeFranco.

  • The moment he knew he was meant to help people. (6:25)
  • How his ‘tunnel-focused’ mentality jump-started his career early on. (8:12)
  • How did the relationship with Onnit happen? Fall out? (11:30)
  • His process of scaling himself out of the day to day gym owner duties. (23:40)
  • His biggest problems with CrossFit. (28:29)
  • The evolution of his training methodology. (44:24)
  • Are there different protocols of how he assesses the average person compared to an athlete? (50:05)
  • How does he assess a ‘freak’ athlete? (52:42)
  • The amazing story of working with Miles Austin: From ‘no-name’ athlete to NFL star. (54:24)
  • How the ‘gym family’ is a REAL thing. (1:03:42)
  • What surprised him the most about the ‘politics’ in pro sports? (1:06:21)
  • Why studies don’t tell the whole story: The importance of context. (1:09:47)
  • His take on social media: The good, the bad & the ugly. (1:17:18)
  • How the more you learn, the more you go back and progress. (1:26:45)
  • How does he incorporate ‘new’ technologies into his life? Clients? (1:28:50)
  • Why the more you know, the more the answer is “it depends on A, B, C, D…” (1:34:15)
  • Has he ruffled any feathers in the world of academia? A ‘conscious competence’ rant on sled pulling/pushing. (1:35:22)
  • What makes his certification different/stand out from the others out in the space? (1:44:52)

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