1032: How to Get an Impressive 6-Pack

May 16, 2019
1032: How to Get an Impressive 6-Pack

A well defined, muscular 6-pack is almost universally admired and is the goal of many gym goers.  In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin break down exactly what it takes to build a visible 6-pack in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • How Catrina has as many bikinis as Adam does shoes. (1:59)
  • What is the allure around the abs? (3:30)
  • The two major factors that contribute to the definition of your abs. (7:07)
  • The myths surrounding the PROPER training of your abs. (10:15)
  • What are the actions of the abs and the muscles that comprise of them? (16:58)
  • DO NOT fall for the waist trainers! (24:07)
  • How anti-rotational movements are the most underrated movements you can add to your routine when training your abs + the importance of training the muscles that are responsible for protecting you when you move in and out of these plains.  (26:40)
  • The ULTIMATE ab workout (exercises and all explained) to get an IMPRESSIVE 6-pack. (30:59)
  • The biggest myth around ab training shattered! (49:33)

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