1007: Hal Elrod on Cheating Death & Creating The Miracle Morning

Apr 11, 2019
1007: Hal Elrod on Cheating Death & Creating The Miracle Morning

In this episode, Sal, Adam, and Justin speak with Hal Elrod. Hal has an incredible story. Hit head-on by a drunk driver at age 20, he actually died, his heart stopping for 6 minutes. When he woke from his coma he was told by doctors that he would never walk again.

Hal did walk again and wrote the bestselling book The Miracle Morning and became one of the highest rated keynote speakers in America.

Then he nearly died again in 2016. With his kidneys, lungs, and heart on the verge of failing, he was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer.

Defying the odds, he is now cancer free and has written a new book, The Miracle Equation which is now available for pre-order. By purchasing his book and sending the receipt to miracleequation@gmail.com you will receive valuable training bonuses that Hal has created exclusively for this book launch.

Also, check out his podcast Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod.

  • Escaping death 3 times! The car accident that changed his life. (4:09)
  • Living by the 5 minute rule. (13:25)
  • Did having this attitude speed up his healing process? (20:57)
  • How we have the ability to learn from any ‘tough’ situation. (24:05)
  • Which situation was more difficult to come back from? (26:59)
  • Making peace with the worst case scenario. (33:33)
  • The backstory behind the making of the ‘Miracle Morning’ and ‘Miracle Equation’. (36:43)
  • How it only takes 5 minutes to become a morning person. (42:43)
  • Creating your ‘Miracle Morning’. (47:17)
  • The 6 S.A.V.E.R.S. to fit your lifestyle and achieve your goals. (57:35)
  • Tangible takeaways from the ‘Miracle Equation’. (1:05:20)
  • What has the ride been like from the success of the book? (1:21:02)
  • Was his unwavering faith ever challenged during this process? (1:26:28)
  • How we create our reality from our thoughts and feelings. (1:31:15)
  • Any spiritual or religious practices in his family? (1:37:15)
  • What does he think of our society today? (1:39:47)
  • Living by being the example to his kids. (1:41:50)
  • Have his kids taught him any life lessons? (1:45:10)

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  • Dr. Joe Dispenza (@drjoedispenza)  Instagram
  • Jim Rohn Official (@OfficialJimRohn)  Twitter
  • JJ Virgin (@jj.virgin)  Instagram
  • Pat Flynn (@patflynn)  Instagram
  • Joe Rogan (@joerogan) • Instagram
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