1005: Lisa Lampanelli- From Grammy Nominated Comedian to Life Coach

Apr 08, 2019
1005: Lisa Lampanelli- From Grammy Nominated Comedian to Life Coach

In this entertaining episode, Sal, Adam and Justin talk with retired comedian Lisa Lampanelli. Lisa has had a 30+ year career and was known for her edgy, insult comedy. She has roasted well known celebrities including Chevy Chase, Pamela Anderson, William Shatner and even Donald Trump. Her comedy album “Back to the Drawing Board” was nominated for Best Comedy Album at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. She has appeared in numerous movies, been a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice and appeared on the Tonight Show. She announced her retirement from comedy in 2018 on the Howard Stern Show.  Lisa is now a life coach, storyteller and workshop leader. You can learn more about Lisa at lisalampanelli.com.

  • The ‘San Jose Nightmare’ show explained. (3:54)
  • Why you should get out of things before you ‘hate’ them. (7:38)
  • What does she think of the current political climate? (9:40)
  • The ‘dark side’ of comedy. (10:34)
  • What was the impetus that got her to lose all the weight? Why you have to feel it to heal it. (12:52)
  • Her transformation into life coaching. (15:19)
  • Does she find her skills as a comedian come in handy now? (18:12)
  • Why your ideal client shows up as a version of your younger self. The challenges she has faced as a coach so far. (19:12)
  • Her ‘no filter’ mentality. (22:25)
  • The evolution of her comedy style. Why you can’t be all things for all people. (26:42)
  • What was the peak of her stand up career? (28:35)
  • What is the weirdest encounter she has had with a celebrity? (29:29)
  • Does she have a spiritual practice? (33:41)
  • Did she have to ‘get ready’ before a show? The favorite show she ever did? (35:38)
  • How family is the priority. (38:06)
  • What makes her nervous or scared? (39:40)
  • Don’t try to be someone you’re not. (42:00)
  • How Donald Trump saved her life. (44:46)
  • Why nothing happens TO us, it happens FOR us. (46:50)
  • How watching stand up is like doing homework. (48:40)
  • That one-time Mind Pump stood up a guest. (50:45)
  • Why all jokes need a punchline + the art of ‘giving’ laughs instead of ‘receiving’ them. (52:50)
  • Has she coached any young comics? (55:15)
  • Start saying YES to things that make you happy! (56:40)

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